Offering Credit Insurance services to companies operating internationally, the Global Trade Credit Alliance (GTCA) provides streamlined policies that are tailored to specific requirements, and boast the dual benefits of local expertise and global coordination.

As a result of our collaborative working practices, we can be more efficient, reliable and cost effective than isolated domestic brokers. Our network of members spans all regions of the world to provide global credit insurance coverage. Each full member of the GTCA is an independent credit insurance broker at the forefront of their profession, with years of experience and invaluable insight into their country’s financial systems and processes.

Working in partnership, we can offer clients a much stronger, more efficient Credit Insurance solution that delivers a host of benefits.

Global efficiency

The GTCA network will ensure that your company benefits from the best suited Credit Insurance arrangement that takes account of your various markets, products, trading terms and business objectives.


With an international team of Credit Insurance experts at your disposal, you will not only benefit from our local insight, but also from our wealth of industry expertise gained over years of working with some of the world’s largest and most successful organisations.

Ease of doing business

Your Credit Insurance team will share your language and business culture, while also having access to leading experts across Europe, America and South Africa.

Centralised administration

With one main point of contact for all your international Credit Insurance affairs, you can be assured of a much more efficient control and reporting procedure.

Cost savings

By renegotiating your current renewals and bringing the policies together under a centrally managed Credit Insurance portfolio, we can deliver significant long term savings

Peace of mind

With the foremost local experts managing your international transactions, you can be sure of the best possible advice and financial security.