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The Global Trade Credit Alliance (GTCA) is a specialist organisation founded in 2010, with the aim of combining local expertise with global coverage, ensuring that multinational companies can access Credit Insurance and associated risk mitigation services that are streamlined, better value, and more coordinated than those available from individual provincial brokers.

We recognise that multinational companies – or simply those looking to export to foreign markets – require a Credit Insurance partner that offers in-country intelligence throughout all relevant operational areas, along with a great depth of knowledge to support their trading activities. Expanding into new international markets involves risk, since non-paying customers and insolvency are always possible, but in unfamiliar territories the risk can be higher. However, the right Credit Insurance policy can mitigate this financial risk, allowing businesses to flourish and grow.

Combining the specialist expertise of a number of leading brokers from around the world, the GTCA can offer Credit Insurance services specific to the financial systems and processes found in Austria, Canada, GermanyIreland, Italy, Korea, Portugal, SpainTurkey, UK and the USA.

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