F.Rego Insurance Brokers

F.REGO was established on 31st May 1979 following the successful growth of business by Fernando Rego, who founded the company.

With sustained and continuous growth since its foundation, whether organically, acquiring other companies or insurance portfolios F.REGO has always sought to appear to the market as a national player, specialising in corporate risks with a special focus on complex risks. This has led to building strong relationships with the international markets from very early on, either as a local representative of international carriers, or by importing innovative solutions to the national insurance market.

F.REGO is part of Group REGO and combines the advantages of a family shareholding structure with modern principles of professional management, based on a policy of responsibility and simplified hierarchical structure.

With offices in Portugal and Spain, F.REGO provides general brokerage and consultancy services in both countries with specialised departments, including Trade Credit and International Clients that pioneer and lead these markets

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